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This is my first post to this blog. My name is Paul-Sebastian. I started this blog because I think it might be a good way of letting people find out the news and side stories related to Obsidian Lake – and maybe many times also related to me 😉 or any contributing member. I haven’t told you what Obsidian Lake is, so I will do it right now. OL (for short) is a group of CG artists that works as a group. We think that together we can achieve bigger goals and faster.
One of our members, Emkay Barrie, made renders featuring a Toy Story™ and Star Wars™ like scene, both themes combined to show a war between toys with advanced weapons, all happening in a child’s play room(actually modeled after his own bedroom). We found that very inspiring and all agreed that we should continue the “story” but in order to make it come to life, we not only need to model everything, but we also need to do the animation, apply VFX (Visual Effects), SFX (Sound Effects) and actually “shoot” the video so things will be going very slow for this first project. That’s why we are constantly looking for new members. Each has to be talented to fit one or more “jobs”. So please contact us.

EDIT: It seems Emkay will not be active for a long time. The reasons are personal. But he did not say he will not come back ;).


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August 24, 2006 at 17:00

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