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We’ve had a little chat today in our IRC channel over on Freenode. It got interesting shortly after DTeddy(Tyler) announced he would like to try to draw a logo for OL.
DTeddy wants to model the logo 3D in Blender. FrozenByte (MegaByte on IRC and many other places, also known as Carlos) suggested a watercolor-like logo and I want a 2D vector graphics logo(SVG intro, Example SVG logos) but anything that looks cool would do the trick. More information about the concept and design on our conversation’s log.
The logo is not the only thing we talked about. We also touched subjects like the sometime-to-come website’s new style, what kind of content will we include(no Shockwave/Flash we think), will the site be darker/lighter, etc. We left the major design details aside for now.
Here’s a snippet from the log:

Aug 26 00:56:11 [thorns] 1. No flash on the website. OK?
Aug 26 00:56:16 [dteddy] sure
Aug 26 00:56:32 [megabyte] Ok

Aug 26 00:57:15 [thorns] 2. What will the logo look like? Ideas?
Aug 26 00:57:45 [megabyte] Thorns: I guess we have to draw first
Aug 26 00:57:51 [megabyte] then show something
Aug 26 00:57:58 [dteddy] yeah
Aug 26 00:58:21 [thorns] So for #2 we need to each draw something
Aug 26 00:59:07 [megabyte] yup

Aug 26 00:59:50 [thorns] 3. What will the final logo be drawn with/in?
Aug 26 01:00:00 [thorns] SVG, plain gimp, 3d?
Aug 26 01:00:08 [thorns] or
Aug 26 01:00:19 [thorns] should be adopt more variants of the logo?
Aug 26 01:00:39 [megabyte] Thorns: let’s postpone this decision
Aug 26 01:00:55 [megabyte] Thorns: How about we see what looks good and then decide?
Aug 26 01:01:04 [thorns] ok #3 postponed until be all get #2 finished

For the rest of the people from OL that missed this: we’re all sorry guys, but you weren’t there and stuff like this couldn’t wait. Don’t worry, we’re still open to discussion and it is your right as a member of OL to express your opinion. If you have anything to say, visit IRC channel #obsidianlake@irc.freenode.net, send me a email, or just comment on this post by clicking the comment link on the bottom.


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August 26, 2006 at 00:51

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  1. Hmm.. I say go for lighter as opposed to darker… That’s just my opinion..



    August 26, 2006 at 14:29

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