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These articles I found on the Internet prove very useful in making a choice of Desktop Manager for old but especially new GNU/Linux users. I have used GNOME and KDE before, and not only that(I’ve used Window Managers like Openbox, Fluxbox, TWM and Enlightenment DR16 which is my favorite and the one I plan to use in DR17 and I still want to test FVWM and others), and I do find GNOME to be slow and very bloated compared to KDE. What makes it stand up more is that GNOME is much more productive out-of-a-box and it is easier to set up the way you like it and that’s why it still remains the default Dekstop Environment for most GNU/Linux distributions. But if you’re like me and prefer a lighter environment you will probably choose a stand-alone Window Manager or a lightweight Desktop Manager like Xfce. With Enlightenment it is different, it is a Desktop Shell, meaning it provides a Window Manager and icons on your desktop, nothing more.

Three reasons NOT to use GNOME

Three reasons to use GNOME

Three reasons NOT to use KDE

Three reasons to use KDE


Written by brokenthorn

October 23, 2006 at 11:31

Posted in Gnome, KDE

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