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Installing KDE on Gentoo Linux 2007.0

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I’ve been using Gnome for some time now. Before that, I used XFCE along with Fluxbox. Now I wanted to “see” the KDE again. It’s not as fast as 123 and have it up and running with Gentoo (the greatest Linux distribution. Hehehe…).

Since I customized Gentoo to be a 100% GTK/Gnome desktop from the start (not even Qt alone was installed), it took some time to tweak the GTK/Gnome desktop to a combined Qt/KDE+GTK desktop. Yes, I removed Gnome, removed the gnome from the USE flags, added kde and qt3/qt4 instead, compiled everything that used Gnome without the Gnome dependency – basically a deep, new-use, world update and a reverse dependency check – and now I have what I wanted.

Thanks to the new split ebuilds system there is no need to emerge the old monolithic ebuilds that would have brought in programs you did not want. In the feature (the KDE4 ebuild), support for the monolithic KDE ebuild will be dropped. So now if you want KMail, for example, you emerge kmail, without bringing in the whole KDE PIM suite. To use the split ebuilds version of KDE, you emerge kdebase-startkde. This will install a minimal KDE environment and the rest is up to your choice. If you want to view all packages the monolithic ebuild would have installed, so you can get a list of all KDE apps, emerge –pretend –verbose kde-meta.

I have to say that everything is wonderful with KDE. Unlike Gnome apps, KDE apps seem more professional. Gnome pulls out many features no to confuse the user, but I think that’s too much. I need the features, I need the power :).

PS – How long did it take?
Hmm… about a week or so plus the time I was away from my computer (school, yes!).
– Check posts labeled KDE if you want to know why some prefer Gnome.


Written by brokenthorn

May 31, 2007 at 22:03

Posted in KDE, Linux

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