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Dr. Howard Gardner’s Intelligence Types

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There’s an article posted on lifehack.org by Kim Roach talking about a theory published twenty five years ago by Dr. Howard Gardner. Although I found this through another blog I watch, I felt I need to tell everyone what I think of this theory in short.

First there are only 8 categories of intelligence: Linguistic and Verbal Intelligence, Logical and Mathematical Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Body and Movement Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence, Naturalist Intelligence. Although it says that people can be strong in several intelligence types, something didn’t seem right after I read about the 8 types. For example, I like computers, mysteries, scientific discoveries, technology, but I absolutely hate Mathematics and somewhat like Logics (as long as it doesn’t include very advanced mathematics, or let’s say Logics outside of Mathematics, not Logics inside Mathematics). I also like writing and reading and I like to talk hours on end about the things I read about or the things that fascinate me. When it comes to pictures and images or Spacial Intelligence, I have a good eye for art. I like to draw, I prefer Geometry over Algebra and so on. What I am saying is that this theory still puts narrow bounds on intelligence; it’s not so different from IQ tests.

Schools often favor verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences. This is because most schools are centered around verbal lectures and a core curriculum that puts a lot of importance on science and math. To cater to all types of learners, schools must strive to find a balance that incorporates the arts, self-awareness, communication, and physical education.

By teaching students in a variety of different forms, we allow them to become holistic learners.

That’s what Kim Roach said. Nothing could be more true. Why do I have to go to a school were they practically teach only science and maths when I wasn’t even… born with the capability of understanding much of that area? Why should you? Doesn’t it seem like a waste of potential, like a waste of real talent? Yes, it is. But don’t start with just 8 categories, there are far more types of intelligence in the world to fit just 8 categories. Published twenty five years ago, this theory needs improvement.

If you want to know my answer to the question of which category I fit better(/most) in, it’s Intrapersonal Intelligence. Spatial and Linguistics and Verbal Intelligence come very close though.


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June 4, 2007 at 21:04

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