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Gungrave was a special anime. I finished watching it a minute ago and felt I had to write about it, if only a bit. The story is wonderful and in the end it made me shed tears like when I was five and getting my ass wiped because I did something wrong ^^.

Gungrave is the story of two childhood friends that were so close but chose different paths. Living on the streets with a strong sense of freedom and strong ambition to reach higher, they join the Mafia, apparently for the same reasons but not so. One is called Harry McDowell, a man with strong ambition, popular with the ladies and a natural leader. The other one is called Brandon Heat. He’s not much of a talker, very introverted, keeps it all in himself, but only one woman could understand him, the woman he fell in love with.

Pursuing their goal to reach higher in society and an added goal on Brandon’s side, the strong will to protect the ones dear to him and the sense of justice, they reach a point where their goals don’t exist well together. Even is Brandon saw Harry doing things that were not totally right in order to get to his goals, he waited. He waited until Harry betrayed him and tried to kill him. Even if Brandon was the Mafia’s no. 1 assassin, he couldn’t kill his best friend. In turn, Harry killed him.

After 13 years, Brandon returns from the grave to take down the empire Harry built and to protect the daughter of the one he once loved. In the end he will not be able to kill Harry this time either. Harry and Brandon find their true deaths fighting aside against the empire than has now turned against Harry, after Brandon managed to almost take it down. They both die remembering the old times and Harry finally realizes what his mistakes were and on top of them all, his biggest mistake: killing his best friend only because he thought he will betray him.


Written by brokenthorn

June 24, 2007 at 00:22

Posted in anime

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