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This post happened just because I chose to click new post instead of the X on the Firefox tab :-). (because I am rather tired. It’s been a busy day.)

So in other news… today has been the third time I fail my questionnaire (see previous post). I’m still learning C++ and to diversify my hours of long (and boring) reading, I started reading the Qt4 tutorial on Trolltech’s site and testing the code examples there.
Probably the best way to learn how to program in any language is to actually start writing some code and play with it. This is something experienced programmer friends have always been telling me and now I believe it. Playing with Qt (thanks to the very friendly documentation and tutorials provided by the developers) is much more fun than reading so much theory just to forget about half the things you read before you even start programming. Thus, they say practice is the best way to learn.

But… today I switched back to reading theory – you can’t have fun all the time :P.


Written by brokenthorn

August 7, 2007 at 19:43

Posted in programming

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