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I couldn’t get the one I ordered. It seemed like they were out of that item but I got another. It was much more expensive than the Samsung I wanted, but I figured I ain’t gonna find anything cheaper. Low offers always seem to pass me by or end right when I wake up to them. So I got an ASUS VW202S.

  • Size: 20.1 inch
  • Contrast: 2000:1
  • Response: 5 ms
  • Point size: 0.258 mm
  • Native resolution: 1680×1050
  • Luminance: 300 cd/mp
  • Visible angle: 160°/160°

You can find a lot of images of the LCD using Google if you want.

The LCD has a great response time. No more visible ghosting like the SONY SDM-S93 used to have. It has 5 built in presets for viewing mode: Scenery, Standard, Theater, Game and Nigh View Mode. While the other seem to introduce some digital vibrance, enhanced sharpness and contrast to the image, the Standard Mode seems to reproduce the best colour feeling for me.

Game mode introduces too much sharpness so text doesn’t look ok with it. Night View Mode enhances colors and whites so greys might look too light. Scenery Mode has a medium level of sharpness and deep colours. Theater Mode seems the most bearable even for reading and gaming.

Any of the modes push up the brightness of the LCD close to the maximum and I must say that the brightness level is very good on this LCD.
It has a wide viewing angle, though looking from the sides slightly reduces brightness as well as from the bottom. Looking from the top is ok up to an angle.

My model only has a VGA input and a stereo jack for the top speakers. I like how the speakers were designed. They’re not inserted on the front of the LCD like most others have. Instead they are built on the top, right under the heat dissipation grating. They don’t reproduce too much bass but mid and high frequencies are very good. The power is also acceptable for an office room.

All in all I think it’s a good LCD for the price, though I’ve heard better of the Samsung I wanted. The other view modes don’t seem too useful so as long as it’s in Standard Mode, it’s great.

I got it for about $330 converted from local currency. If you think your LCD has to be worth it to pay that much money, get something else. 😛 (Just kidding!)


Written by brokenthorn

January 24, 2008 at 12:00

Posted in hardware

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