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Keyboard Auto-Repeat disabled automatically with KDE 4.2 and X.org/X11/HAL

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I was having this problem all day and I think I found the culprit, finally –> me!
Running KDE 4.2 and HAL-configured keyboard and mouse.

I am posting this only to help others who might be having the same problem and have found nothing relevant after Googling all day (like I have).
You can share your different problems in the comments but I’m not sure I can provide you with any assistance in solving this or other problems.

If you ever went to your KDE 4.2 “System Settings” dialog, clicked on “Keyboard & Mouse” then selected “Enable keyboard repeat” but later decided to disable it (thinking it was only a way to customize your keyboard repeat rate and delay, not enable or disable it —  how embarrassing), after a reboot of your system, you will soon find that you don’t have auto-repeat turned on anymore. I didn’t notice this immediately after I turned off auto-repeat from withing the Settings dialog :/.

So all you have to do now is turn it back on. The default delay and rate should be 500 and 30 but you can now set them to whatever values you want.
I also had other problems when this was disabled, like Shift acting as Caps Lock but I later found out it was because Sticky Keys was on — be sure to disable that along with the Activation Gestures from the “Accessibility” dialog.

I wonder if starting KDE under a new user will still have this problem… but too lazy to test after I found my fix.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

EDIT: Check the user comments. The issue seems to be fixable in different ways.


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February 15, 2009 at 02:46

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My dad would have never switched to Linux if it wasn’t for GNOME!

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I’ve came to realize an important fact in the last couple of days.

Personally, I have always liked KDE better. After all this time I came to realize that GNOME is not bad, or even a little bit “evil”. I could say I’ve softened up on my previous impressions left by GNOME. While Ubuntu is a great product by marvellous people, I have thought of GNOME as being a lot unprofessional. But it isn’t, it has its very good purpose and good use. That is why I have used Kubuntu. Now, it still tempts me to install GNOME as I would like to see how it evolves practically (even if probably a lot slower than KDE, :P). But no, I’m a big KDE fan and I’m not going to change that easy. GNOME developers would have to rewrite a lot of stuff to give me any reason to use it as my (other) main DE.

Now back to the main idea: why my dad successfully switched from Windows to Linux. I’ll say it out loud. It’s because there is GNOME! If you think I’m wrong, that it’s because I made him use GNOME first and not KDE, you’re wrong. I made him use both desktop environments. After 3 weeks with GNOME, 2 weeks with KDE was a disaster for him.

What I’ve really come to realize is what changed my previous idea about GNOME. While KDE isn’t hard to learn to get used to for the first time for people like me (although not really a nerd, I like to consider myself one), it is a headache for people like my father. For some time I thought that the GNOME developers are writing unprofessional software, because the software they write hides or removes a lot of functionality an advanced and even moderately experienced user expects to find.

My dad used to think that Linux is not a desktop OS :D. The first few times I showed it to him, it didn’t impress him even a little (I was using Gentoo and Fluxbox for a long time then). After I managed to convince him to try Ubuntu for a while at first because XP is lacking drivers for his laptop and he hates Vista even more, everything changed. But a while became a long while :). One day my dad told me how happy he was that when he went to work with his laptop and plugged in the USB printer, Ubuntu automatically set up the printer.

I hope Ubuntu and GNOME will continue to make Linux easier for people like my dad. Ubuntu and GNOME is what contributes mainly to new users coming to Linux.

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October 10, 2007 at 16:50

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Installing KDE on Gentoo Linux 2007.0

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I’ve been using Gnome for some time now. Before that, I used XFCE along with Fluxbox. Now I wanted to “see” the KDE again. It’s not as fast as 123 and have it up and running with Gentoo (the greatest Linux distribution. Hehehe…).

Since I customized Gentoo to be a 100% GTK/Gnome desktop from the start (not even Qt alone was installed), it took some time to tweak the GTK/Gnome desktop to a combined Qt/KDE+GTK desktop. Yes, I removed Gnome, removed the gnome from the USE flags, added kde and qt3/qt4 instead, compiled everything that used Gnome without the Gnome dependency – basically a deep, new-use, world update and a reverse dependency check – and now I have what I wanted.

Thanks to the new split ebuilds system there is no need to emerge the old monolithic ebuilds that would have brought in programs you did not want. In the feature (the KDE4 ebuild), support for the monolithic KDE ebuild will be dropped. So now if you want KMail, for example, you emerge kmail, without bringing in the whole KDE PIM suite. To use the split ebuilds version of KDE, you emerge kdebase-startkde. This will install a minimal KDE environment and the rest is up to your choice. If you want to view all packages the monolithic ebuild would have installed, so you can get a list of all KDE apps, emerge –pretend –verbose kde-meta.

I have to say that everything is wonderful with KDE. Unlike Gnome apps, KDE apps seem more professional. Gnome pulls out many features no to confuse the user, but I think that’s too much. I need the features, I need the power :).

PS – How long did it take?
Hmm… about a week or so plus the time I was away from my computer (school, yes!).
– Check posts labeled KDE if you want to know why some prefer Gnome.

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May 31, 2007 at 22:03

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Try Linux!

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Do you want to try out Linux? You probably don’t know where to start. Here’s my advice: Try Ubuntu. The standard version comes with the GNOME environment, which I don’t like at all so I strongly recommend you use Kubuntu, which is Ubuntu but with the KDE desktop environment, a great, fast and user-friendly collection of high quality, open source applications for your daily needs or if you prefer and you have always preferred smaller applications, less eye-candy but not necessarily a absence of any beautiful pictures, in other words you prefer a lighter(and faster) desktop, I recommend to you Xubuntu, which runs the XFCE desktop environment, and looks very similar to GNOME (Ubuntu), only it is lighter and a whole lot faster ;).
Here’s something that would help you decide to try Linux :). Tell me if you don’t think it just rocks ;).

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November 12, 2006 at 13:28

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Three reasons to/not to use…

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These articles I found on the Internet prove very useful in making a choice of Desktop Manager for old but especially new GNU/Linux users. I have used GNOME and KDE before, and not only that(I’ve used Window Managers like Openbox, Fluxbox, TWM and Enlightenment DR16 which is my favorite and the one I plan to use in DR17 and I still want to test FVWM and others), and I do find GNOME to be slow and very bloated compared to KDE. What makes it stand up more is that GNOME is much more productive out-of-a-box and it is easier to set up the way you like it and that’s why it still remains the default Dekstop Environment for most GNU/Linux distributions. But if you’re like me and prefer a lighter environment you will probably choose a stand-alone Window Manager or a lightweight Desktop Manager like Xfce. With Enlightenment it is different, it is a Desktop Shell, meaning it provides a Window Manager and icons on your desktop, nothing more.

Three reasons NOT to use GNOME

Three reasons to use GNOME

Three reasons NOT to use KDE

Three reasons to use KDE

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October 23, 2006 at 11:31

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