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Keyboard Auto-Repeat disabled automatically with KDE 4.2 and X.org/X11/HAL

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I was having this problem all day and I think I found the culprit, finally –> me!
Running KDE 4.2 and HAL-configured keyboard and mouse.

I am posting this only to help others who might be having the same problem and have found nothing relevant after Googling all day (like I have).
You can share your different problems in the comments but I’m not sure I can provide you with any assistance in solving this or other problems.

If you ever went to your KDE 4.2 “System Settings” dialog, clicked on “Keyboard & Mouse” then selected “Enable keyboard repeat” but later decided to disable it (thinking it was only a way to customize your keyboard repeat rate and delay, not enable or disable it —  how embarrassing), after a reboot of your system, you will soon find that you don’t have auto-repeat turned on anymore. I didn’t notice this immediately after I turned off auto-repeat from withing the Settings dialog :/.

So all you have to do now is turn it back on. The default delay and rate should be 500 and 30 but you can now set them to whatever values you want.
I also had other problems when this was disabled, like Shift acting as Caps Lock but I later found out it was because Sticky Keys was on — be sure to disable that along with the Activation Gestures from the “Accessibility” dialog.

I wonder if starting KDE under a new user will still have this problem… but too lazy to test after I found my fix.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

EDIT: Check the user comments. The issue seems to be fixable in different ways.


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February 15, 2009 at 02:46

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The new Prosody Jabber Server

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A small group of 3 software developers (at the time of writing) have released a new Jabber server that they say will rival the current number one XMPP/Jabber server, ejabberd, in performance, extensibility and computer resource consumption regards, or pretty much every regard, according to the developers who have chosen to write the server in their favorite “scripting” language called Lua. While everyone knows that Lua is a very powerful language for embedding with your C or C++ applications, allowing easy runtime scripting and manipulation of data and code (Lua is often used to parse very large blocks of data without problems), it actually is very capable as a stand-alone language for your applications, with dozens of useful libraries and bindings that bring sockets to Lua, bit manipulation and more. If you don’t know about Lua, visit lua.org.

Another reason the developers have chosen Lua is that a Jabber server needs to parse varying amounts of text that get bigger and bigger as more users are being served by the server and this is where Lua excels. While there will be a physical limit on how many users Prosody can serve (if you haven’t figured it out already, Prosody is the name of the server), future releases are said to provide clustering capabilities built-in. Also, as Lua is an interpreted language, extending the server by adding new XEPs or protocols is easy because you don’t have to recompile the server, you don’t even need to restart the server, you can load arbitrary code at run-time.

That said, Prosody seems pretty sweet. Version 0.2.0 of the server has just been released today, just a month after the first 0.1.0 release and brings a load of new features and improvements. I’ve tried the latest version myself and I like it. Setting it up was trivial as the configuration file was easy to understand. It is actually also written in Lua but even if you don’t know the language, you can understand it right away as it’s pretty easy and there are a lot of helpful comments in the file.

The future looks promising with version 0.3.0 as they plan to bring MUC support allowing for multi-user chat conferences. The support has already been written according to the developers who hang around and discuss the development of the server on the Jabber chat room prosody [at] conference [dot] heavy-horse [dot] co [dot] uk. But as it was a late developement, it hasn’t been tested yet so it wasn’t included in the current release.

I am eagerly waiting in anticipation for the next release as adding new cool features to the chat rooms might be too easy. I’m thinking of a MOO world running on Prosody. 😉

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December 29, 2008 at 21:48

Multiple audio outputs in MPD

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Today a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 PCI audio board dropped onto my lap. Don’t ask me how that happened because the only thing that matters to me now is how I will use this now in conjuction with my onboard Realtek ALC883 (on a Intel HDA bus). I now have 7.1 and 5.1 sound cards. The most amazing thing I could do with that setup is to run 14 speakers(!!). Not amazing? Well, only if you don’t use your computer as a playback system for live concerts (or small “parties” in my case, even weddings :P) or something like that. What I can do now is to playback a track on “stage speakers” (or two tracks, or three!) while I listen to another track on my headphones just like a DJ! and I think I can also record from multiple inputs (all 5.1?) because ALSA installs the card as 3 devices, ADC Capture/Standard PCM Playback, Multichannel Capture/PT Playback and just Multichannel Playback. That would be just awesome for such a cheap sound card. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 29, 2008 at 21:22

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New blog

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I’ve started a new blog for Romanian users, to help them learn more about the FSF, GNU, Linux, Ubuntu, rms, sabdfl, etc. It’s running on my host, but thanks to WordPress’s export feature, I will be able to move it out if I find a place.

Romanians gather round now!

This new initiative is slightly motivated by that fact that I know a lot of Romanian Linux users, and some who are friends, that do not have the slightest background knowledge on the OS they are using and that’s sad for me. And perhaps because I’m liking WordPress, but consider I’m still testing it :).

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October 16, 2007 at 17:10

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New Catalyst driver from AMD

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October 15, 2007 at 18:59

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Gutsy will be released October 18th

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I just wanted to say that I think the release may be a little rushed. I’ve been running Tribe 5 and I’ve been submitting bugs. I admit, the beta is pretty stable… only one – constant – crash per day is nice, but there are pretty more bugs that were submitted. And I’ve only ran Kubuntu Tribe 5 long enough; Ubuntu Tribe 5 had much more problems when I tried it… Will everything be fixed by October 18th? Will strigidaemon stop hogging the CPU and crashing? Will kwallet stop creating env and share folders in homes? Will Adept be able to cleanly install new packages and update the system?…


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October 4, 2007 at 15:52

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Wiping Gutsy off the hard drive

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That is what happens after you wipe your entire hard drive (wipe -qkD /dev/sda).

No, it’s not my hard drive! It’s my brother’s. He wants Windows back until Gutsy is released for the general public but he had previous partition table problems so he wanted the hard drive completely erased. I granted him his wish. *big grin*

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October 2, 2007 at 17:50

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