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Nodame Cantabile

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Nodame Cantabile is a new anime (2007-2008) I have been watching for the lastΒ  couple of weeks. Today I finished watching this anime and here is what I can tell you about it. Read the rest of this entry »


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March 8, 2009 at 23:21

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Disappointed for my lack of determination at learning guitar

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I guess that’s the real reason behind the fact that I abandoned trying to learn to play the guitar and I shouldn’t try and hide it.

Yes, I failed. But I’m not sad at all. Well, because… I’m now going to learn to play piano! πŸ™‚ — almost sounds like you’ve heard that before. Don’t even THINK “He’s not gonna learn it either. It’s just a phase he’s going through. He wants to learn an instrument be he’s completely blind of the fact that whatever instrument it might be, it’s pretty damn hard to learn to play it. Especially if you have no background whatsoever!”.

For those who know me, did I capture your thougths exactly? πŸ™‚
I wouldn’t be surprised since I should know you too.
(Why am I laughing at the matter?)

First thing, I’m selling my guitar. I’ve already put it up for online auction. Several people have already showed interest in buying it. In return I want to get myself a really cool midi controller with a keyboard. Although I would have to empty my pockets a little bit too, because it seems that electronic instruments are more pricey than real instruments :/, I’m very inclined to buy an Axiom 61 by M-Audio. I was initially looking at a Keystation 88es just because it has more keys (but also less knobs and tweakers overall AND no aftertouch), but more octaves might not be what I really need for a starter. Ironically, the Axiom is priced higher so I don’t know for sure if I would be investing too much before I know for sure if the investment is worth something. But I just can’t resist the drum pads on the Axiom, the extra rotary encoders, faders and aftertouch. There’s another thing, I’ve read some bad reviews about the Keystation 88es saying the keys deteriorate soon after using it but not from a lot of people so I’m not sure… but in comparison, the Axiom seems to get a lot of good reviews.

If anyone gets to read this, tell me your opinions on the Axiom before I go buy it (it should be in January I hope, but maybe not).

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December 23, 2008 at 17:22

Multiple audio outputs in MPD

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Today a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 PCI audio board dropped onto my lap. Don’t ask me how that happened because the only thing that matters to me now is how I will use this now in conjuction with my onboard Realtek ALC883 (on a Intel HDA bus). I now have 7.1 and 5.1 sound cards. The most amazing thing I could do with that setup is to run 14 speakers(!!). Not amazing? Well, only if you don’t use your computer as a playback system for live concerts (or small “parties” in my case, even weddings :P) or something like that. What I can do now is to playback a track on “stage speakers” (or two tracks, or three!) while I listen to another track on my headphones just like a DJ! and I think I can also record from multiple inputs (all 5.1?) because ALSA installs the card as 3 devices, ADC Capture/Standard PCM Playback, Multichannel Capture/PT Playback and just Multichannel Playback. That would be just awesome for such a cheap sound card. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 29, 2008 at 21:22

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Yes I finally tuned it!

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I was feeling so satisfied after I realized that I managed to tune my guitar in standard EADGBe tunning… I’ll upload a sound sample sometime soon. πŸ˜€

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May 3, 2008 at 02:00

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How do I know I tuned my guitar correctly?

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That is not a question I’m going to answer for you. Actually it’s a question I’m asking you.
I only just bought my first guitar and I’m still without a teacher. I’ve read some people learned how to play the guitar completely off the Internet. I don’t know whether to believe that or not but for the time being I will “investigate” that possibility. The first thing I’ve learned is absolutely necessary to do and be able to do correctly, is to tune the guitar.

Some people don’t have a well developed musical ear early in the process of learning so tuning their guitars solely by ear might be impossible. I didn’t buy an electronic tuner for my guitar. Using one might be the answer to the question title, but what if you don’t have one or you don’t want to buy one? Or what if you can’t use an electronic tuner? Wouldn’t it be great to develop your ear by learning how to listen to those notes first? Of course it would but without anyone, like a teacher for example, to correct your errors you would probably be wrong on many aspects of things involved in guitar playing while thinking you’re doing it right.

I know what I’m getting myself into by not getting a teacher and I hope everyone else like me also realizes the risk. Some people recommend using the Internet to learn how to play the guitar and that’s what I’m doing for the time being. I’ve learned how to tune my guitar in at least two different ways: relative tuning and harmonics tuning. But still that’s just procedure. How do I know I’ve got he correct notes and that I’m not missing anything or misinterpreting some notes?

Well, I don’t know. I’ll think about it, I’ll continue to learn and hope that along the way the secret will reveal itself, unknowingly. I know this is probably just me wishing for too much from the start, being over enthusiastic, ready to dive in but things aren’t as easy as you picture them before you start. More on this some other time.

EDIT: I actually didn’t know about clips like this one (call me ignorant) but it’s the same thing I’ve learned from other text sources and it’s exactly how I’ve done it so far. It’s a relative tuning method. You get the 6th string, the lowest pitch string, in tune by listening to a piano (of course that has to be in tune also) or a tuning fork, then you tune the other strings relative to that. There’s some musical theory one needs to understand when tuning a guitar. Wikipedia provides useful information on guitar tuning. There’s also the harmonic tuning, also relative tuning. Personally I found that easier to do. Here’s a random (but good) video. I guess now I’m more sure about my tuning. πŸ˜€

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April 27, 2008 at 12:48

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First guitar

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First of all, I’d like to tell you that I’ve always liked music and a couple of musical instruments best, the piano and the guitar. I also like the violin for its sad tune but it’s nothing compared to how much I like the guitar. I haven’t been a fan of guitar players and guitar music playing bands in particular, maybe because I had other preocupations… Thus I know too few names that made history with the guitar and its music (I know Pink Floyd and I love the music. Not much comes into mind right now.).

On the other hand I do listen to a lot of guitar music, especially rock music: alternative, classic, goth, some hard metal. Although it’s mostly about electric guitars these days, I like the acoustic guitar for its clearer sound and I would choose the acoustic guitar over the electric one any time. That’s not only because I like the sound of the acoustic better, but because acoustic melodies are also much better sounding. Try picturing a world of acoustic guitar melodies and a world of electric guitar melodies, which world would be more colourful?

I would have stated that learning to play the acoustic guitar for the first time is easier than learning to play the electric guitar for the first time, but that statement wouldn’t have been founded on facts because I haven’t learned how to play any of those instruments, yet. But I still think that.
As you might have guessed, my first guitar is an acoustic guitar. Actually, it’s an electro-acoustic: an acoustic guitar with a pick-up. And it sounds quite nice! I can even add distorsion and get that electric guitar feel. So now I’m left with (little money in my pockets and) learning how to play it.

I couldn’t decide, or rather I didn’t have the time to search for a guitar teacher, so for now I decided to learn some things on my own. Considering how the Internet is such a wonderful thing from where you can learn a lot of things, why should learning the guitar be excluded? I’ve started out learning some musical theory and it’s not so boring because I look forward to playing some songs and even composing, which is a thought that really keeps me going.

Right now I’m looking for some friends that might be learning the guitar for the first time themselves. Learning something new is always easier when you’re doing it with some friends. That’s something I realized after finishing school. So if you want to share your knowledge, ideas, questions, doubts, anything else about this subject, let me know about it. I hope we might help eachother learn faster and maybe play together.

Now I’ll leave you with some pictures of my first guitar, Cort EARTH 70E NAT.

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April 25, 2008 at 22:25

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